A Great Brother



Availability ended 12/5/2020 CDT
Billy is a widowed father, the loss of his dear wife haunting him to the point he struggles with connecting with his young daughter, trying to find work, and properly care for his ailing mother. Most of his family has distanced themselves from him, unable to tolerate and deal with the consistent pain Billy puts himself through because of his never-ending grief. By saving an abused young woman through a random act of kindness, Billy finds himself the target of the woman's jealous, abusive husband. Ultimately, this will give Billy the one chance he's needed to repair his family, and save himself from certain death.


Directed by Willy Adkins

Written by Willy Adkins
Christopher Siaens

Production Company Breaking Fate Entertainment

Produced by Willy Adkins

Cast Tank Hurley
Amy Jo Wagner
Kyle Scribner
Scott Lane
Chuck Winstead
Judy Jackson
Ciarra Harrell
Korbynn Dallas
George Morring
Jeff Phoenix
Willy Adkins